Prostitution in Malaysia

The following report details adult travel in Malaysia.  It includes information about prostitutes in KL and many other places.   This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives.   If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.

I recently visited KL and decided to pursue several of the posted recommendations from WSA, and I would like to discuss my experiences at those places.

On one evening, we took a taxi to the Holiday Villa in Subang, where we had dinner and then moved to the Executive Health Club. This was my first "massage parlor" experience, and I was quite excited. My friend told the lady receptionist that I wanted a young malay girl as my masseuse. I was ushered into a regular hotel room through a back elevator. I waited for about 5 minutes before a young (about 23 yrs. old) malay girl came in.

We had a great and stimulating shower together, which she followed with an expert, hard massage. What came next (before i did) was 30 minutes of enthusiastic sex, with an academy award orgasmic performance by her. She pumped me energetically, before I offered to change positions, which she accepted gratefully. I did her from the front, and doggy, before blowing my load from the front. The only disappointment in an otherwise perfect encounter is that she does not allow you to kiss her on the lips. Anything else goes...she is a real gem!

She gave me a bath and dried me up well. Then I got dressed, and went out to the waiting area where I was to pay my bill. US25 for the massage, and US60 for the f/s.

The next night, my friend took me to the Crystal Crown (CC) Hotel n Petaling Jaya. The captain recommended a masseuse number 39, a slim, tall and leggy chinese beauty. She was friendly, with passable english skills (for a chinese!).

She helped me undress (completely) and led me to the bed. Once on the bed, she gave me a pretty good message from head to toe, and played with my willy like a little girl would with her toys!!! She then undressed herself, proceeded to lay on her back with her legs spread. She had a beautifully shaved pussy, and a lovely petite body. The next 40 mins I proceeded to do her in 4-5 different positions. I particularly loved the doggy on her coz of her nice ass. Just I came, I
could feel her inner thighs wet as ever. It was a good fuck, but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more......

I paid her the regulation US24 for the massage, and the asking US60 for the special.

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